Review of the NGO AXIS’ Programme: “Empowerment of Civil Society through Quality Education”

CISU, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2021

Peru, Bolivia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Denmark (virtual review)

AXIS is a Danish NGO which receives funding from CISU to carry out its programme. CISU is an independent association of 280+ Danish Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). CISU is financed by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The objective of AXIS’s programme is that “civil society organisations, emerging and marginalized civil society groups are empowered to become active citizens and are actively influencing and pursuing their rights.” AXIS supports partners in promotion of quality education in four countries: Peru, Bolivia, Ghana and Sierra Leone.

The objective of the assignment was to assess the capacity and performance of the applying organisation (AXIS) in delivering results under its present programme phase with a particular view to stimulate learning and support relevant organisational development.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, data collections were carried out in the field by two consultants based in Bolivia and Peru. An international consultant carried out virtual interviews with stakeholders in all four countries as well as interviews with the staff, board and volunteers in Denmark. Two work shops were held with AXIS where the draft as well as the final report were discussed and presented.

HN Consultants ApS provided the full team of a Team Leader and two consultants in Peru and Bolivia.