Review of project for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

The National Association of LEV (Danish disability organization), 2015


Project features

The Project focused on two objectives: 1. TUBAKUNDE partner – the organisation, representing persons with intellectual disabilities in Rwanda – has the capacity to act as an efficient advocacy organisation for its members in Rwanda. 2. TUBAKUNDE has enhanced legitimacy among and increased involvement from parents of persons with intellectual disabilities in their work. The objective of the assignment was twofold, namely: (i) to review results and lessons learnt from the project, and (ii) to assess current organisational capacity of TUBAKUNDE with particular focus on the extent to which policies, procedures etc. are implemented and reflected in governance and day to day management.

Service provided

HN Consultants provided the lead consultant to the assignment, who interviewed leaders of TUBAKUNDE, its staff, members and parents from three districts as well as informants and duty bearers in order to review the results of the project. The board, staff and selected members & parents, as well as donors, were interviewed to assess the current capacity of TUBAKUNDE. Based on a debriefing meeting with board and staff members, an outline to a possible future project was prepared.