Review of Global Advocacy Programmes

IBIS, 2013

Guatemala, Bolivia and Ghana

Main project features

The assigment had a double purpose: review of the progress in two IBIS advocacy programmes (Africa Against Poverty and Latin America Against Poverty and Inequality) and extracting best practices from partners on how to carry out global advocacy regarding three processes relevant for both programmes:

  • climate change
  • free, prior and informed consent
  • extractive industries and taxation

Service provided

HN Consultants provided two consultants to this assignment, who have prepared a questionnaire for all major partners, has interviewed IBIS Head Office staff and reviewed desk information. A field visit was carried out to the three countries to assess progress and identify the best practices used by the partners to undertake advocacy in relation to climate change and extractive industries, both at national and international level. The team prepared two reports for IBIS: a review report focussed on progress and a “method report” where some of the best practices were presented.