Review of Civil Society Organisations – Oxfam America and Natural Resource Governance Institute

FCG-Sweden (final client was Norad, Norway), 2019.

Ghana and the United States

The review was commissioned by Norad as part of its grant management procedures. The main objectives were to assess the two organizations’ organisational structure, cost-efficiency, financial management (“to be an organisation”), results management (“to do”) and partnership approach (“to relate”). The review also identified synergy between the organizations where relevant.

The consultant provided an assessment of the results framework (outputs and outcomes) and the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning system. In order to analyse results and the partnership approach, a field visit to Ghana was carried out, where both Oxfam America and NRGI work with the extractive industries sector, including advocacy related to this issue at community, national and regional (African) levels. Based on selected cases, an assessment of Oxfam America’s and NRGI’s contribution to the reported outcomes was carried out.

Likewise, an assessment was made on how the support contributed to strengthen and maintain the space for civil society partners in Ghana, especially in related to accountability and transparency regarding the extractive industries.

HN Consultants ApS provided the consultant in charge of assessing results management and the partnership approach for Oxfam America well as an input for the assessment of NRGI’s results in Ghana.