Review of Centre for Church-Based Development and Disabled People’s Organisations Denmark

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2023

Denmark, Nepal, Rwanda

The overall objective of this review was to assess DPOD’s capacity and performance in delivering results under their grants from HCE. Emphasis was on the role of DPOD as responsible, accountable and efficient fund manager, including their ability to facilitate projects that deliver sustainable results in the Global South through activities implemented in partnership between Danish grant holders and local partners.

HN prepared a desk study, inception report, survey, data collection in Rwanda and Nepal, debriefing, and draft and final report. The team assessed DPOD’s performance in delivering results in relations to its engagements under the Framework Agreement and the Disability Fund with the MFA during the period 20 and assess the extent to which DPOD is on track to achieving the results put forward in the 2018 strategic plan and beyond.