Review & capacity assessment of the Disabled People’s Organisation Denmark

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2018

Ghana, Geneva visit

Project features

The assignment included a review of the Disabled People’s Organisation Denmark (DPOD) as well as a capacity assessment of DPOD (a strategic partner for the Ministry) with focus on DPOD’s own strategy, technical capacity, results (Ghana as example), popular foundation and partnership. Specific focus was on the projects’ contribution to empowerment, organizational development and advocacy.

Services provided

HN Consultants provided all three team members to the assignment, including two consultants with expertise in organizational and capacity assessments as well as a consultant with expertise in financial management. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided the team leader. The team carried out an initial desk review of selected projects, a visit to projects in Ghana and international partners in Geneva and prepared the draft report, which was discussed with DPOD and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.