Regional Programme for Human Rights and Democracy

Woman with fruit basketCentral America, 2010

Royal Danish Embassy in Managua
(Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DK)

Main project features:
Democracy, human rights, indigenous rights, women’s rights.




Service provided:
HN Consultants provided assistance to carry out consultations with seven partners, of which four were civil society organisations, two were part of the UN system and one partner was linked to the Inter-American Human Rights system. For each partner, results, indicators and management structure, among other issues, were defined. One of the partners was the multi-donor ACI Fund, which exclusively supports civil society actors in relation to transparency and social audit of public budgets. Another partner is the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala, which supports preparation of cases against the criminal and secret activities and groups who constantly violate human rights. A joint donor fund in Guatemala also supports the preparation of cases dealing with the human rights violations and massacres of the indigenous people. The support has resulted in trials and sentences against retired military officers.