Promotion of financial sustainability through donor-mapping

The Danish Association LEV, 2016 - 17

Uganda, Ghana, Rwanda & South Africa


LEV is a membership organisation of parents to children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Since 1984 LEV has provided support to organisations of persons with intellectual disabilities in developing countries related to capacity building of national organisations; Parents’ Self-Help Groups, among others. LEV has noted that many partners, especially those in Africa, are facing challenges regarding the financial sustainability. Therefore, LEV carried out a fundraising seminar to support LEV partners to get more knowledge on relevant donors for their organisation. HN Consultants ApS was hired to carry out a donor mapping as an input to the seminar.

Service provided

HN Consultants ApS provided a team leader for this assignment, who organized inputs from four local consultants from each country. Input included information on the following issues: 1) Mapping of key donors relevant for the partners. 2) The donors’ key priorities, and how intellectual disability issues relate to these priorities. 3) The donors’ geographical priorities. 4) Examples of how donors support. 5) How to access funding from the donor. The team leader analysed the information and prepared the overall report. In January 2017, HN Consultants followed up on this assignment, supporting each of the partners to use their knowledge on proposal writing.