Pre-Appraisal of the Kenya Bilateral Programme 2021−2025

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2020


The Danish Embassy in Kenya is piloting the Doing Development Differently approach in connection with the formulation of the Denmark Kenya Strategic Framework 2021–2025, which establishes the strategic foundation for Denmark’s entire engagement with Kenya as well as the Kenya Bilateral Programme. The DDD implies a new approach to development cooperation with increased focus on adaptation and coherence across the range of Danish foreign policy instruments.

The objective of the Pre-appraisal was to provide an early assessment of the quality and feasibility of the proposed 13 bilateral development engagements and their linkage to the strategic framework 2021−2025. The team also assessed overall management set-up of the bilateral programme portfolio, the Royal Danish Embassy’s focus on the adaptive approach and the introduction of MEAL (Monitoring, Evaluation, Adaptability, and Learning).

Based on this, the pre-appraisal team recommended necessary adjustments to be taken prior to the final desk appraisal and submission to the grant authorities. Due to the COVID-19 virus the Pre-Appraisal was carried out entirely through virtual meetings (Skype for Business, Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp and Telephone/Mail).

The content of the engagements covers: (1) Green and Inclusive Sustainable Growth; (2) Democratic Governance, Human Rights and equitable access to Services; as well as (3) Resilience, Peace and Stability. Pre-Appraisal assessed the financial management set-up for all DEs. The Pre-Appraisal Team drafted a Preparation Note, carried out interviews with stakeholders and held a debriefing session with the Royal Danish Embassy and drafted a Pre-Appraisal Report.

The assignment was led by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and HN Consultants ApS provided the full team of three consultants with expertise in (i) governance, CSOs, human rights and MEAL; (ii) business sector development with a special focus on green growth and climate and (iii) financial management and public financial management.