Finn Hansen

Finn Hansen has a degree in International Development Studies and Public Administration. He has more than 20 years of professional experience working on development issues. He is the co-founder of HN Consultants ApS. in 2001. Since 1998, Finn Hansen has carried out more than 100 short-term consultancies for Danida, the World Bank, the European Union, the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Swedish Agency for International Development Cooperation (Sida) and Danish NGOs in the areas of good governance, including human rights, anticorruption and decentralisation, among others. Get  Finn Hansen's CV here.


Caroline van der Sluys

Caroline van der Sluys has an extensive international experience in natural resources planning and environmental management. Her technical expertise focuses on the effective integrated management of natural resources at all levels. This includes experience in all aspects of environmental management, encompassing policy, institutional, and human resources issues. She is skilled in the development and application of tools such as environmental planning, environmental impact assessment, environmental management plans, and geographical information systems (GIS). Get Caroline van der Sluys's CV here.


Thomas Nielsen

Thomas Nielsen has 20 years of experience within the area of development planning and management, including positions with the United Nations Development Programme in Honduras and Danida in Central America and Bolivia. His latest longterm assignment (2009-2013) was as senior adviser for Danida’s regional environment program me in Central America. During the periods 1997-1999, 2003-2009 and again from 2013, he has worked as a consultant particularly with formulation, monitoring and evaluation of development programmes in Latin America and in French-speaking West Africa. Get Thomas Nielsen's CV here.