Mid-term Review of the TUCAN Programme

The Danish Association of People with Physical Disability (DHF), 2014

Bolivia, Honduras, Nicaragua

Main project features

TUCAN is a programme which seeks to strenghten DAD’s partners, namely disability organisations, in Nicaragua, Honduras and Bolivia. The strategy is based on support to organisational development, advocacy, key services and exchange of experience between partner organisations and countries. The objective of the assignment was a) to assess the possibilities to attain results and objectives included in the TUCAN programme; b) to provide recommendations for adjustments, methodology, components and documents of the TUCAN programme to be able to achieve results and objectives of the TUCAN programme in a more efficient and effective manner; and c) to give inputs for the formulation of the programmes’ second phase.

Service provided

HN Consultants provided the team leader for the assignment. He was in charge of organising two preparatory studies in Bolivia and Honduras. They were carried out by two national consultants and focused on results achieved in rural departments. The studies served as an input to a comprehensive field visit to Nicaragua, Bolivia and Honduras reviewing results at the national level and on how methods have been applied. A debriefing session was organized with partners from the three countries to discuss results and options for a possible future programme.