Mid-term Review of Global Programme: Leave No One Behind

MyRight, 2020

Nepal, Rwanda, Bolivia, Sweden (virtual meetings)

MyRight is the Swedish disability rights movement’s umbrella organisation for international development work. With funds from ForumCiv, MyRight carries out its Global Programme “Leave No One Behind” through offices in seven countries: Tanzania, Rwanda, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Nicaragua. 

The programme has three objectives: 1) Partner organisations have increased capacity to conduct advocacy work. 2) Partner organisations have increased their internal capacity. 3) Partner organisations have increased competence to contribute to increased quality of life for the target group. 

The mid-term review also had three objectives, namely to: i) Assess the relevance, effectiveness, sustainability, and potentially impact, of the programme; ii) Assess the efficiency and quality of the relevant organisational structures and iii) to provide recommendations on how to improve programme performance. The review was based on the OECD/DAC criteria. 

The consultant prepared an inception report. A questionnaire was prepared and submitted to the Swedish member organisations, while interviews were carried out with key staff in the partner countries and in Sweden. National consultants carried out the assessment of the programme in Nepal, Rwanda and Bolivia. The final report was presented in a webinar to more than 50 persons from the seven countries where MyRight is active. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all interviews had to be virtual. 

HN Consultants ApS provided the full team of a Team Leader, an international consultant in disability rights and three national consultants in Nepal, Rwanda and Bolivia.