Mid-term Evaluation of project for Organisations of Persons with Disabilities

Danish Association of the Physically Disabled, 2016


Project features

The project has as its objective to promote empowerment of persons with disabilities, organizational development of their organisations and advocacy towards duty bearers. Also, the project promotes sports activities within each of the organizations. The project involved six partners. The three Ugandan partner organisations are: Brain Injury Support Organisation of Uganda (BISOU), Spinal Injury Association of Uganda (SIA), and Uganda National Action on Physical Disability (UNAPD). The three Danish partners are the Danish Association of the Physically Disabled (DHF), Danish Brain Injury Association (DBIA), and Danish Sports Organization of the Disabled (DSOD).

Service provided

HN Consultants provided a team of two consultants to carry out a desk review, field visit to six districts and interviews with duty bearers and rights holders of persons with different physical disabilities. The Mid-term Evaluation used DAC evaluation criteria, including an assessment of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and – to the extent possible – impact.