Lessons learnt study on 20 years of support to Nicaragua

Fisherman NicaraguaNicaragua, 2011- 2012

Danish Association of the Physically Disabled (DHF)

Main project features:
DHF has supported the Nicaraguan movement of disabled people since 1990 and has helped organise physically disabled, blind and deaf people and increase the voice and advocacy of Persons with Disabilities in the Nicaraguan society. Among issues supported is the advocacy on public policies for education, transport, accessibility, health. For example, Persons with Disabilities can today use accessible buses, more buildings are constructed with accessible entrances and toilets, a new rehabilitation centre has been established and sign language recognised in the national legislation.

Service provided:
HN Consultants collaborated with a journalist in this assignment.  The consultant from HN Consultants collected information on main results, impact, sustainability and lessons learnt from two decades of DHF-cooperation.  The first projects focused on services, and later projects much more on organisational strengthening and advocacy. A report was prepared describing how the first projects have been a foundation for strengthening capacity. The link between service, organisational strengthening and advocacy was presented (the so-called “development triangle”).The journalist focused on specific cases and persons, and a magazine was prepared which tells the story about DHF’s and the partners’ experience. The magazine is today used by CISU (Civil Society in Movement), a platform for 260 civil society organisations in Denmark, as a case that may illustrate the “development triangle”.