Final Evaluation of Funding of Leadership and Opportunities for Women (FLOW) Programme

Oxfam IBIS, 2020

Liberia, Guatemala & Burundi

The anticipated contributing impact of the FLOW programme is “Women, adolescents and girls in Guatemala, Liberia and Burundi live a life free from violence and with participation in democratic processes.” The expected, specific outcomes are: (1) women, as rights holders, have become change agents in the prevention of gender-based violence and obtained increased democratic participation;

(2) public institutions in their role as duty bearers have increased compliance with the principle of due diligence (detect, prevent, address, protect, punish and repair) in cases of violence against women and girls; (3) gender based violence with focus on human trafficking, sexual exploitation and forced marriages in Central America, Burundi and Liberia are more effectively combated at regional and national levels; (4) cultural perceptions of women’s’ right to a life free of violence and political participation have improved among actors and the public in areas where the FLOW programme operates.

The overall purpose of the evaluation was to provide Oxfam IBIS, Impunity Watch and the sub-grantees and partners with: (i) an assessment of results achieved and, to the extent possible, an assessment of outcomes in order to assess the progress towards fulfilment of objectives, impact and sustainability; (ii) possible lessons learnt from the studies and activities carried out during the implementation of the FLOW Programme.

Virtual meetings were carried out with duty-bearers, partners, target group representatives, project management staff and key informants in all three countries. Likewise, head office staff and international key informants were interviewed on some of the activities carried out at international level. The target group representatives were the most difficult to reach, as many live in remote areas. The national consultants had as a task to interview them and, where possible, have face-to-face meetings with a few of them. Based on the interviews, a draft report was compiled, including overall analysis of conclusions from all three countries and the international activities.

HN Consultants ApS provided the full team of consultants, including a Team Leader, a consultant responsible for updating the status of the original baseline for the programme as well as the participation of three national consultants, one in each country.