Evaluation of the “Building a Sustainable Mental Health Uganda (MHU)” project

SIND Mental Health Denmark, 2018


Project features

SIND Mental Health supports its partner Uganda Mental Health both at local and national level. At local level, the branches are strengthened to carry out advocacy for access to medicine, peer support to persons with mental health illness and access to the governmental poverty alleviation programme. At national level, Uganda Mental Health was strengthened to influence the national legislation on mental health and to carry out fundraising. The objective of the assignment was to assess overall results of the project support since 2014.

Service provided

HN Consultants provided the sole consultant for this assignment. The evaluation used the DAC criteria, with focus on relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, outcome/impact and sustainability. Visits were carried out to two of eight districts and information was collected from seven of the districts, governmental representatives, other disability organisations, hospital staff, and end-beneficiaries. Findings were discussed at national level with representatives from all districts.