Evaluation of Justice Partnership Programme

European Union’s Delegation in Hanoi, Vietnam, 2015


Project features

The Programme includes three components: 1) Support to State institutions, namely Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuracy and the Ministry of Justice; 2) support to the Vietnam Bar Federation (joint donor support from the EU-Denmark-Sweden); and 3) support to the Justice Initiatives Facilitation Fund (JIFF). The Programme was a result of a joint donor support from the three donors European Union, Denmark and Sweden.

Service provided

HN Consultants was sub-contracted by NIRAS, a company which carried out the evaluation together with IBF. HN Consultants provided one of the two main categories of experts to conduct the evaluation. During the evaluation, the team used the DAC criteria (Relevance, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Sustainability, Outcome and Impact). The consultant assigned by HN Consultants focused on the support provided to the Vietnam Bar Federation (component 2) and through JIFF to civil society organisations (component 3). A questionnaire was used to collect information from NGOs, in addition to interviews with key stakeholders.