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Mid-term Review of Latin America Programme LIRIOS with Bolivian and Honduran partners

Country: Bolivia & Honduras, 2018


Client: Danish Association of the Physically Disabled


Project features

The LIRIOS programme provides support to disability organisations in Honduras and Bolivia, through strengthening of their organizations and capacities to advocacy. End-beneficiaries include persons with hearing or visual impairment, physical, intellectual or other disabilities. The purpose of the assignment was to assess progress towards the expected results and objectives as well as to provide recommendations for possible adjustments.


Services provided

HN Consultants provided a team of three consultants. Two consultants in Bolivia and Honduras carried out field visit to local branches of those disability organisations supported by LIRIOS. The team leader interviewed organisations at national level, as well as governmental and donor representatives and other key informants. Three reports were prepared: two reports regarding progress at local level; and a main report with overall assessments. A debriefing workshop was held with partners to discuss conclusions.

Review of Pro-Derechos; Human Rights Programme in Central America

Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, 2015

Woman with flowersCLIENT:
Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Project features: ProDerechos is a Danida’s Regional Programme to Support Human Rights in Central America. The Programme has two components and a total of seven partners. The first component focuses on a strengthened defense of human rights of people living in Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. The second component was focused on strengthened capacity of participation and empowerment of people living in conditions of vulnerability in these same countries. The first component was implemented through support to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, CEJIL Mesoamerica, and the International Labour Organization´s regional office in Central America. The second component was implemented through two civil society funds and a trade union network.

Service provided: HN Consultants provided a full team, including the expert on human rights and indigenous peoples’ rights and the expert on organizational development, communication and advocacy as support to the Team Leader from the Ministry’s Technical Advisory Service. The experts carried out a desk study of all documentation, as well as interviews with a number of stakeholders, including Danish NGOs, prior to the field work. The experts visited Washington and interviewed staff from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. In addition, the team interviewed state authorities, civil society organisations, beneficiaries and victims, as well as staff members from the partner organisations in Central America.

Mid-term Review of the TUCAN Programme

Old woman from BoliviaBolivia, Honduras, Nicaragua, 2014

The Danish Association of People with Physical Disability (DHF)

Main project features:
TUCAN is a programme which seeks to strenghten DAD’s partners, namely disability organisations, in Nicaragua, Honduras and Bolivia. The strategy is based on support to organisational development, advocacy, key services and exchange of experience between partner organisations and countries. The objective of the assignment was a) to assess the possibilities to attain results and objectives included in the TUCAN programme; b) to provide recommendations for adjustments, methodology, components and documents of the TUCAN programme to be able to achieve results and objectives of the TUCAN programme in a more efficient and effective manner; and c) to give inputs for the formulation of the programmes’ second phase.

Service provided:
HN Consultants provided the team leader for the assignment. He was in charge of organising two preparatory studies in Bolivia and Honduras. They were carried out by two national consultants and focused on results achieved in rural departments. The studies served as an input to a comprehensive field visit to Nicaragua, Bolivia and Honduras reviewing results at the national level and on how methods have been applied. A debriefing session was organized with partners from the three countries to discuss results and options for a possible future programme.

Review of Regional Environmental Programme

Man bicycle El SalvadorGuatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, 2010

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark

Main project features:
Five-year regional environmental support programme, supporting institutional strengthening of the regional Central American Commision for Environment and Development, decentralized (municipal) environmental management, environmental research and advocacy, and green micro enterprise development.

Service provided:
HN Consultants provided the chief evaluator for this assignment, who:

  • Assessed the relevance of the current support programme
  • Assessed the performance of key actors as well as the component progress
  • Proposed the strategic lines for continued support during the last two programme years
  • Made recommendations on technical assistance needs to the regional monitoring office of the programme

Lessons learnt study on 20 years of support to Nicaragua

Fisherman NicaraguaNicaragua, 2011- 2012

Danish Association of the Physically Disabled (DHF)

Main project features:
DHF has supported the Nicaraguan movement of disabled people since 1990 and has helped organise physically disabled, blind and deaf people and increase the voice and advocacy of Persons with Disabilities in the Nicaraguan society. Among issues supported is the advocacy on public policies for education, transport, accessibility, health. For example, Persons with Disabilities can today use accessible buses, more buildings are constructed with accessible entrances and toilets, a new rehabilitation centre has been established and sign language recognised in the national legislation.

Service provided:
HN Consultants collaborated with a journalist in this assignment.  The consultant from HN Consultants collected information on main results, impact, sustainability and lessons learnt from two decades of DHF-cooperation.  The first projects focused on services, and later projects much more on organisational strengthening and advocacy. A report was prepared describing how the first projects have been a foundation for strengthening capacity. The link between service, organisational strengthening and advocacy was presented (the so-called “development triangle”).The journalist focused on specific cases and persons, and a magazine was prepared which tells the story about DHF’s and the partners’ experience. The magazine is today used by CISU (Civil Society in Movement), a platform for 260 civil society organisations in Denmark, as a case that may illustrate the “development triangle”.

Regional Programme for Human Rights and Democracy

Woman with fruit basketCentral America, 2010

Royal Danish Embassy in Managua
(Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DK)

Main project features:
Democracy, human rights, indigenous rights, women’s rights.




Service provided:
HN Consultants provided assistance to carry out consultations with seven partners, of which four were civil society organisations, two were part of the UN system and one partner was linked to the Inter-American Human Rights system. For each partner, results, indicators and management structure, among other issues, were defined. One of the partners was the multi-donor ACI Fund, which exclusively supports civil society actors in relation to transparency and social audit of public budgets. Another partner is the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala, which supports preparation of cases against the criminal and secret activities and groups who constantly violate human rights. A joint donor fund in Guatemala also supports the preparation of cases dealing with the human rights violations and massacres of the indigenous people. The support has resulted in trials and sentences against retired military officers.


Facilitation of the design and formulation of the fourth phase of the Regional Development Programme at the Caribbean Coast.

Man cutting coconutNicaragua, 2006

Swedish International Development Assistance

Main project features:
Regional development, decentralisation and strengthening of municipalities in health, transport and education.




Service provided:
The company provided a team of two international and two local consultants to this formulation carried out in close collaboration with regional and indigenous authorities at the Caribbean Coast. The programme includes support to regional, municipal and community authorities, including specific support to the indigenous people and civil society organisation. The activities were aligned to regional and municipal priorities and were coordinated with other donors.