Vagn Berthelsen

Vagn Berthelsen has been the General Secretary of Oxfam Denmark (IBIS) for 21 years. He has worked with civil society, strategy and policy, organization and management. Also, he has worked with organizational development, human resource development, policy and strategy development, advocacy and campaigning at international level. He has been part of defining a number of overall strategies and policies linked to development policy in general and CSO policy in particular, both in Denmark and internationally. He has been centrally positioned in a number of national and international processes which has led to the formulation of development policy. He has practical field experience as country director for an INGO and holds a Master of Law from the University of Copenhagen. His CV is available here: CV Vagn Berthelsen


INKA Consult

INKA Consult contributes to the development of people and organisations in Denmark as well as in developing countries. The company is specialised in development planning and evaluation in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Inka Consult consultancies encompass the building of institutional capacity and organisation development in the areas of environment, human rights & democracy, civil society, indigenous peoples, and education. The services range from formulation of sector programme support to reviews, evaluations and assignments as process consultant. Here you can read more.


Welvin Romero

Welvin Romero is an economist with more than 25 years of experience from development organisations. He is a specialist in analysis of the relationship between trade and poverty and has carried out several consultancies focused on public-private partnership, private sector programmes, strengthening of small and medium sized enterprises, and agricultural enterprises. Likewise, he has experience with institutional and organizational strengthening and has worked for governmental institutions, donors (DFID, UNDP, Switzerland, Germany) and Danish NGOs as well as for trade and peasant organisations. He holds a Nicaraguan nationality and has worked in several Latin American countries. Welvin Romero can be contacted through HN (see HN contact details).


Peter Haag

Peter Haag has worked as an international development consultant for more than 20 years and in more than 30 countries. As a an educated judge completed with distinction, he has specialised in the formulation and review of programmes and projects, in particular in the area of good governance and support to the legal sector, as well as the environment and climate change adaptation. Clear and well-structured analysis of often complex realities, results-based management, and the facilitation of strategic processes form particular strengths of his work. Peter Haag’s CV is available.


Stefan Katić

Communication and Development Specialist with profound experience with strategic communication, media, HSQE (Health, Safety, Quality & Environment), and international development from 23 years with the ILO, MFA of Denmark and leading consulting companies.

As the Chief Editor of Danida’s prize winning magazine Udvikling (“Development”) for 13 years, he has a thorough understanding of and experience from development policies, including the transformation of state policy strategy papers into vibrant quality journalism. Participating as an observer in the meetings of Danida’s Council for International Development Cooperation, he has gained substantial knowledge on donor mechanisms.

As a Public Awareness Consultant for Grontmij|Carl Bro Mr Katić assisted several international clients with the elaboration of communication strategies and public awareness campaigns. And for COWI he has been mapping and analyzing private sector approach to CSR and the Sustainable Development Goals.

His cv can be seen here.