Programme Completion Reports for two Danida programmes (Governance and Justice)

Vietnam, 2015-16

Client: Royal Danish Embassy, Hanoi

Project features: The assignment’s objective was to prepare Draft Programme Completion Reports for each of the following two programmes: 1) Governance and Public Administration Reform Programme and 2) the Justice Partnership Programme (co-financed with the European Union and Sweden). The first programme includes support to three components: i) improved public administration in five provinces; ii) human rights education & research in two universities and a research academy iii) strengthening of the office of the national assembly and the promotion of public participation and accountability in law-making and policy development processes by strengthening engagement of Non-Governmental Organisations. The second programme includes support to three components: i) support to judicial reform through state institutions, namely the Supreme People’s Court; the Supreme People’s Procuracy and the Ministry of Justice; ii) support to the Vietnam Bar Association; and iii) establishment of a Justice Initiatives Facilitation Fund, supporting the Non-Governmental Organisations’ role in the justice sector.

Service provided: HN Consultants provided a team of two consultants, one national and one international who carried out a desk review of all relevant information, including progress reports for each of the two programmes. Hereafter, the team conducted field work where key stakeholders were interviewed. The team participated in a conference and an end-of-project workshop where additional information was collected. Two draft reports were presented and discussed with the Royal Danish Embassy.

Mid-term Evaluation of the project: “Capacity Building for Sustainable Development”

Uganda, 2016

Client: Danish Association of the Physically Disabled

Project features: The project has as its objective to promote empowerment of persons with disabilities, organizational development of their organisations and advocacy towards duty bearers. Also, the project promotes sports activities within each of the organizations. The project involved six partners. The three Ugandan partner organisations are: Brain Injury Support Organisation of Uganda (BISOU), Spinal Injury Association of Uganda (SIA), and Uganda National Action on Physical Disability (UNAPD). The three Danish partners are the Danish Association of the Physically Disabled (DHF), Danish Brain Injury Association (DBIA), and Danish Sports Organization of the Disabled (DSOD).

Service provided: HN Consultants provided a team of two consultants to carry out a desk review, field visit to six districts and interviews with duty bearers and rights holders of persons with different physical disabilities. The Mid-term Evaluation used DAC evaluation criteria, including an assessment of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and – to the extent possible – impact.

Mid-term Evaluation of “Data in the Fight Against Impunity” project

Uganda, Kenya, Serbia, Nepal, 2016

Client: International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims

Project features: The project included support to partner rehabilitation centres located in 11 countries in four regions. The objective is to contribute to the fight against impunity by using data gathered from survivors of torture to support accountability, prevention, and rehabilitation of victims of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. The project seeks to strengthen and harmonise the capacity of rehabilitation centres in their efforts to collect clinical data and use them to support anti-impunity work by facilitating the employment of such data in the production of human rights outputs as well as in advocacy activities. The purpose of the Mid-term evaluation was to assess project progress and provide recommendations for adjustments. The assignment used the DAC evaluation criteria.

Service provided: HN Consultants provided the consultant in charge of the evaluation. The consultant carried out a desk review of all progress reports; questionnaires were submitted to selected partners and field visits were made to four countries to visit partners, torture victims, other NGOs and duty bearers on progress regarding documentation of torture cases and its use in advocacy.

Capacity Assessment and Review of Danish NGO ADRA

Sudan – Rwanda, 2015

African woman and childCLIENT:
Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Project features: The overall objective of the review was to assess the implementation of ADRA’s plans and activities and the results obtained, as well as to assess to which extent the strategies and policies were reflected in plans/activities. Likewise, the review assessed ADRA DK’s financial and organisational capacity.

Service provided: HN Consultants provided the Team Leader (with expertise on civil society development) an expert on Humanitarian issues and an expert on financial management and administration. The Team organized interviews with all ADRA staff members and reviewed documentation before field visits to Sudan and Rwanda. Close dialogue with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ADRA was ensured through an inception report, a mission preparation note and through participation of both ADRA and the Ministry’s staff in the field visits.

Final Appraisal of Kenya Country Programme 2015-20

Kenya, 2015

The women and children of the Samburu tribe KenyaCLIENT:
Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Project features: Appraisal of overall country programme support (total budget of 1.3 billion DKK).  Based on an assessment of the quality and feasibility of the CPD and its DEDs, the final appraisal had as its objective to recommend on necessary adjustments to be made prior to submission to the grant authorities.

Service provided: HN Consultants provided the single consultant who supported the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ staff in the final appraisal.  The consultant participated in the Field appraisal and focused particularly on the appraisal of the DED (Development Engagement Document) for green growth and employment and the Country Programme Document.

Environment Support Programme, Phase III

Indonesia, 2015

Hand with henna tatooCLIENT:
Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Project features: The objectives of the Danida Review were to: 1) Assess the progress of the Environment Support Programme (ESP3) activities including progress of component activities, partner coordination, programme management, implementation of pilot projects, and programme budget; 2) provide recommendations to the ESP3 and the Embassy for the programme transition strategy and synergy, unused budget from The Borneo Initiative (TBI) and possible continuation of Danida’s Support to Harapan Rainforest or corresponding reallocation; and 3) to provide recommendations to the ESP3 Programme Steering Committee on the un-allocated budget.

Service provided: HN Consultants provided a full team in support of the Technical Advisory Service, including a Climate change expert, a Forest management expert and a Local expert on environment. The Team provided inputs for the Mission Preparation Note and for the Review Aide Memoire outlining the current programme status, conclusions and recommendations addressing key issues.


Review of Pro-Derechos; Human Rights Programme in Central America

Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, 2015

Woman with flowersCLIENT:
Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Project features: ProDerechos is a Danida’s Regional Programme to Support Human Rights in Central America. The Programme has two components and a total of seven partners. The first component focuses on a strengthened defense of human rights of people living in Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. The second component was focused on strengthened capacity of participation and empowerment of people living in conditions of vulnerability in these same countries. The first component was implemented through support to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, CEJIL Mesoamerica, and the International Labour Organization´s regional office in Central America. The second component was implemented through two civil society funds and a trade union network.

Service provided: HN Consultants provided a full team, including the expert on human rights and indigenous peoples’ rights and the expert on organizational development, communication and advocacy as support to the Team Leader from the Ministry’s Technical Advisory Service. The experts carried out a desk study of all documentation, as well as interviews with a number of stakeholders, including Danish NGOs, prior to the field work. The experts visited Washington and interviewed staff from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. In addition, the team interviewed state authorities, civil society organisations, beneficiaries and victims, as well as staff members from the partner organisations in Central America.

Appraisal of Kenya Country Programme 2015-20

Kenya, 2015

Person with disabilitiesCLIENT:
Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (sub-contracted by COWI)

Project features: The Kenya Country Programme has a budget of DKK 1,275 million and comprises three thematic areas: i) Governance, ii) Green Growth and Employment, and iii) Health. For Governance, the seven development engagements are organised according to three areas of intervention: 1) Public sector efficiency (support to Public Financial Management Reform and devolution); 2) democratic practices (support to a civil society fund, justice, rights and equality through an international organisation, support to women’s rights and empowerment through the local NGO FIDA and to enhance elections through the regional organisation EISA); and 3) peace, security and stability through Kenyan NGO ACT.

Service provided: HN Consultants provided a consultant who supported Technical Advisory Service in appraisal of the Thematic Governance Programme as part of an overall appraisal team consisting of fifteen consultants. A desk study of the documentation outlined a number of key questions which were shared with the Danish Embassy in Kenya and the suggested partners. Discussions were held with state authorities, key informants, Embassy staff and civil society partners. The consultant likewise contributed to the overall appraisal report.

Evaluation of Justice Partnership Programme

Vietnam 2015

Hanoi VietnamCLIENT:
European Union’s Delegation in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Project features: The Programme includes three components: 1) Support to State institutions, namely Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuracy and the Ministry of Justice; 2) support to the Vietnam Bar Federation (joint donor support from the EU-Denmark-Sweden); and 3) support to the Justice Initiatives Facilitation Fund (JIFF). The Programme was a result of a joint donor support from the three donors European Union, Denmark and Sweden.

Service provided: HN Consultants was sub-contracted by NIRAS, a company which carried out the evaluation together with IBF. HN Consultants provided one of the two main categories of experts to conduct the evaluation. During the evaluation, the team used the DAC criteria (Relevance, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Sustainability, Outcome and Impact). The consultant assigned by HN Consultants focused on the support provided to the Vietnam Bar Federation (component 2) and through JIFF to civil society organisations (component 3). A questionnaire was used to collect information from NGOs, in addition to interviews with key stakeholders.

Evaluation of the West Africa Human Rights and Democratisation Programme

Woman from GhanaWest Africa (Ghana, Burkina Faso), 2014-2015


Main project features:
The development objective of WAHRD II, whose implementation takes place from April 2010 to March 2015, is to see that governments, media and civil society are active in ensuring compliance with human rights at local, national and regional level and that peaceful environments have been established to ensure sustainable developments in West Africa. The following issues were evaluated during the assignment: results and relevance of the programme focus, the managerial setup and approaches, the process for partnership selection and the interactions with and contributions from programme partners, synergies with and beween programme partners and whether WAHRD was cost-effective and sustainable.

Service provided:
HN Consultants provided a team of three consultants from Ghana, Denmark and Gambia. They carried out interviews with senior IBIS staff, partners, beneficiaries, governmental institutions in Ghana and Burkina Faso. Likewise, information from Sierra Leone, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia and Guinea was collected. The evaluation report was presented in a debriefing session with IBIS and partners. It also provided inputs for a workshop which outlines the definition for a next phase of the programme.