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Study visit to Denmark on Decentralisation

Viatnamese girlDenmark, 2012

Royal Danish Embassy, Hanoi

Main project features:
Decentralisation policies and practice in Denmark and in Danish municipalities.




Service provided:
HN Consultants sub-contracted the Local Government of Denmark (LGDK – Kommunernes Landsforening) . HN and LGDK organised a programme for the visit of 15 Vietnamese staff members and politicians from five provinces supported by Danida in Vietnam. The programme visit focused on:

  • Decentralisation policies in Denmark, and the relation between municipalities and the central government
  • Danish municipalities’ services to citizen, including “one-stop-shop” (Borgerservice) and how municipalities measure service quality. Likewise, citizens’ participation was presented.
  • Waste management in Denmark and in the municipalities.

Appraisal of the Natural Resource Management Program

Cambodian womanCambodia, 2010

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark

Main project features:
Decentralized Natural Resources Management (NRM), fisheries and forestry policy and
NRM-based livelihoods development.



Service provided:
HN Consultants provided a team member to participate in the appraisal of the new environment programme. The appraisal team revised the proposal prepared and subsequently provided recommendations for three components:

  • natural resource management in decentralization and deconcentration
  • sector and policy development in fisheries and forestry
  • civil society support to NRM-based livelihoods

Design and formulation of Good Governance and Public Administration Reform (GOPA II)

Farmer in VietnamVietnam, 2011 – 2012

Royal Danish Embassy

Main project features:
The programme contains three components: 1) support to five provinces in Vietnam to strengthen their administration and citizens’ participation; 2) support to two human rights centres and a research centre at three universities; 3) support to the Office of the National Assembly and to a civil society mechanism to participate in public debate on legislation.


Service provided:
HN Consultants carried out the final design and formulation of the Good Governance and Public Administration Reform in Vietnam (with particular emphasis on design and formulation of support to civil society regarding public participation and accountability on legislation and implementation of public policies through a “call for proposals mechanism” and to decentralisation). This assignment involved a total of three visits to Vietnam, as well as support to the Danish Embassy on other issues during a two-month period.